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Other Creative Activities  

1.  Editor for Special Edition Health Righters and intercollegiate magazine.
Interviewed the musical artist IDK of Warner Brother Records about shifting the narrative about education, music and racial/gender norms. Recruited IDK for the interview and curating articles for special edition for BLACK HISTORY MONTH.

2.  Deputy Editor for the Harvard Public Health Review. Lead editor for special COVID-19 edition related to racial disparities. Curated articles, reviewed and identified reviewers.

3.  Filmed a community based participatory public service announcement for HIV/AIDS with inner city youth in the Boston area. Selected for the 2014 American Public Health Association’s International Film Festival.

Hswen, Y., Bickham, D. Engaging African American Teens in Designing and Co-creating HIV Prevention Videos Using YouTube. 143rd American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Exposition. November 2, 2015, Chicago, IL.